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Run the Bug
Michelle Buysse,
3326 State Hwy 68,
Ghent, MN 56239. 507.828.1528


This event would not be possible with out all these
wonderful 2017 volunteers.  THANK YOU!!!

Doug Steinesson

Nathan Buysse

Kayla Streeter

Julie Swedzinski

Branden Swedzinski

Brooke Buysse

Heidie Runia

Emily Buysse

Grace Jeremiason

Addie Konold

Sarah Engels

Bailey Kaas

Maggie Konold

Maggie's Friend

Jeff & Rhonda Buysse

Lisa Welsch

Bonnie Laleman

Ed Laleman

Janell Laleman

Dave Laleman

Shannon Brewers

Faith Buysse

Heidie Runia

John Winters

Mike Vlaminck

Shelby Corbin

Amanda Engels

John Engels

Emily Hennen

Alyssa Engler

Barb Engler

Ben Engels

Joe Buysse

Mary Johnson

Nancy Ulrich

Emily Coequyt

Darin Yost

Lori Folk

Michelle Buysse

Denise Ahmann

Deb Yost

Deann Johnson

Ronni Vlaminck

Christa Bowman

Abby Vlaminck

Laurie Laleman

Katie Blegen

Laura Swede

Marge Obe

Joy Buysse

Dawn Vlaminck

Josh Swede

Clark Corbin

Minneota Fire Department



If you would like to volunteer for future "Run the Bug" races please contact us at or contact a committee member:

Michelle Buysse or Dawn Vlaminck

Memories from

Run the Bug 2011: